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Did you KNOW?

The rules for access to the Moose Lodge are NOT regulated by the Lodge or Moose International.


  • The Moose Lodge is a "PRIVATE ORGANIZATION" and therefore regulated by the Internal Revenue Service.

  • The IRS say's: only MEMBERS can make purchases.

  • Guests are only allowed to visit 2 times and the third visit they MUST sign up to become a member.

  • Members MUST have a membership card on them and show them as they enter the social quarters.

OR Load the Moose App on your phone- it contains a digital member card

  • Our Moose Lodge does NOT want to lose our tax FREE status,



Please keep the IRS happy







Janet Rogers has officially concluded her role as administrator, her last day was April 12. Throughout her tenure, Janet has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and her departure leaves a significant void in our team. Janet's contributions were invaluable, particularly in her meticulous organization of board meetings, management of membership records, financial responsibilities, and oversight of tax matters. Her dedication and hard work behind the scenes have been instrumental in the smooth operation of our lodge. We express our deepest gratitude to Janet for her unwavering commitment and wish her all the best in her retirement adventures.

To help clarify the term "Qualified guest"

Only the following persons may be admitted as a "qualified guest' into the social quarters or home of any Lodge:
a: An active Lodge member’s spouse. (Note – There are no limits on the number of times a spouse may be admitted as a guest.)
b: An active Lodge member’s immediate family. (Note – There are no limits on the number of times a spouse or qualified family member under the age of 21 may be admitted as a guest, however, all other immediate family members would be limited to two visits as they now qualify as a prospective member of the person signing them into the social quarters.)


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