The Santa Rosa Moose Lodge hosts a multitude of functions and special events. Check out our Friday night dance information and administrative meeting schedule plus any special events below.

For a printable December events calendar click here

Ongoing Events - look for email promotions
Friday Night Dance Schedule
(dance only, admission $12 unless noted)

Dances start at 7 pm

Dance will be on the second Friday of each month

January 10 - Good Old Boys

February 7 - Good Old Boys

(Note: Dance for Feb. will be first Friday)

March 13 - Good Old Boys

April 10 - Good Old Boys

Meeting Schedule

District Meetings

Saturday, February 1

Petaluma Moose Lodge

10am Legion to follow

6pm LOOM General

Board Meeting

Thursday, February 6

Thursday, March 5

Thursday, April 9

Santa Rosa Moose Lodge

6pm Joint Meetint

6:30 pmLOOM General

Board Meeting

Thursday, March 19

Santa Rosa Moose Lodge


6:00pm WOTM Board of Officers Meeting

6:30pm WOTM Chapter Meeting

2nd Tuesday of each month:

Tuesday, February 10

Tuesday, March 9

Santa Rosa Moose Lodge

All are Welcome